Hotel Wiktoria - Przyjęcia weselne, noclegi i imprezy dla firm - okolice Warszawy

Hotel Wiktoria
Ul. Chabrowa 6/8/10
05 - 462 Wiązowna
Tel. (22) 795 17 17
Tel. (22) 780 17 17
Kom. 500 588 500

Organization events
conferences and wedding.

Kom. 606 346 346

N: 52° 16' 52"
E: 21° 29' 86"


Up to 20% off

For more information call: 606 346 346

We recommend a professional and comprehensive organization of events such as:

  • weddings
  • christenings
  • first communion
  • name-day parties
  • anniversaries
  • b-day parties
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Company Picnics
  • Integration Picnics

Traditional Polish menu, option for 150 PLN - see more ...
Standard menu, option for 180 PLN – see more...
De Lux menu, option for 200 PLN – see more...
VIP menu, option for 230 PLN – see more...

   Hotel Victoria is characterized by flexibility and that is why each event is treated individually. Especially for you, we will organize an elegant wedding or an intimate post-wedding party in a small group of friends.
Openness toward  the needs of our guests enables us to meet the most sophisticated requirements.
     Our team has years of experience  in organizing all kinds of happenings and we put our heart into giving each event a unique character. Our Manager will accompany you from the first call until the last goodbye.
Offers are  tailored individually, according to the needs and requirements of our guests.
For further information please contact  the Manager:  Paulina Madej 606 346 346
Professionalism at an affordable price !

We guarantee:
Tasty menu selected according to individual requirements
Soft drinks (hot and cold drinks)
Dessert table (fruits), chocolate fountain (alternative)
Welcome drink (sparkling wine) and wedding bread
Professional waiter service
Honeymoon Suite with Jacuzzi and breakfast served in the room
Basic room decoration and white chair covers
Outdoor wedding (alternative)
Fireworks display (alternative)
Professional assistance
Basic vignettes, table plan (alternative)
Air-conditioned room
Large monitored parking
Extensive terrace
Red carpet
VIP room to use as a cigar club, etc. (alternative)
Babysitter  (overnight-alternative)

Optionally, for  an additional cost:
-  Farmer’s table
-  Hunter’s table
-  Stall with homemade dumplings prepared in variety of ways
-  Themed buffets with Italian, Mediterranean or Mexican cuisine
-  Buffets with variation of vegetables "Fit Food"
-  And many other

Price for renting a coach depends on the number of courses and distances. The average fee for the course is 500 zł. (for  50 persons bus). It is the overall price, and after the clarification of the details a specific cost can be set.

Especially for you we give discount for accommodation, 10%, 20%, 30% and even 40% (depending on the value of the wedding) with the possibility to accommodate up to 77 people, (breakfast buffet included in the price).

Technical support -50% of the price Children under 10 years about 30 PLN (depending on the menu), 10-15 years -50% of the price for an adult.

Christenings, communions from 60 to 160 PLN per person

Land Rover – Defender and Discovery
Land Rover - Defender  and Discovery, - real SUV on a real bumpy road !
If you want to try what is off-rood, what does it feel to drive a legend, you’re in the right place.

If you want to organize 4x4  party  for employees, co-workers or customers  at the Hotel, we can provide you with the right number of  Land Rovers, arrange tour and program tailored to the needs and abilities.

If you are a Guest of Hotel Victoria, and you feel like (alone or in a group) riding a specially prepared Land Rover for off-road fun  call us and we will take you on a rough ride with 4x4 - The adventure begins in the parking of Hotel Victoria.  Driving through picturesque suburban roads, sensing and "learning the vehicle", we approach the central bump, where the holes  are deeper, climbs higher and the engine is a little louder. Anyone who feels like it and has a driving license category "B” can drive. number of  Land Rovers, arrange tour and program tailored to the needs and abilities. 

According to expectations, weather, the number of participants, etc. during the event we can organize an off-road competition, shooting contest and more.  Due to the influence of factors beyond our control every event may be somewhat different from the other and  from the above description. Each is thus unique!!

Team game that can be played by age, scenarios tailored to the number of players, terrain, and individual preferences.

However, the main principle of the game is not to let the enemy eliminate you but to eliminate as many members of the opposing team as possible, using the balls with paint, fired from an air gun operating on CO2, nitrogen or compressed air called marker.

Laser Paintball
Completely safe system, painless and easy to use. With replicas 1:1 of Colt M16 and M4 rifles, participants experience the feeling of dealing with real weapons. LGS  guns 'shooting' infrared rays are used to play outdoors and indoors, even at night.

Inside the gun there is a microprocessor, which emits rays that are picked up by the detector system mounted on a hat of every soldier.

Hit is indicated by visual and sound effects. Range of 50 meters. Additional
equipment is "bunkers" to cover, radios, telescopes to M16, first aid kits, boxes
with ammo.

We offer various forms of riding quads: ride and competitions on the track, off road driving, day trips to the Mazowiecki Landscape Park.

We have 12 MXER Kymco vehicles with a capacity of 150 cm3, automatic transmission, year of production 2008, homologation  (registered - driving license category B).

Driving off-road
We offer expeditions in small off-road vehicles. We have 3 Suzuki Jimny1.3, 4x4, for 3 people and instructor. All cars have Trailmaster 50 mm  suspension  , steering damper, box covers, regulator and fuel tank, snorkel,  MT  off-road tires, CB radio.